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Step after heavy step
We walk a world of smog
Every day that we live
We’re wandering.

With dreams of happiness
We think only of love
Every hour that we sleep
We’re imagining.

Hopes of a happy life
We wish to smile again
Every laugh that we fake
We’re delusional.
The distant call of an angel
Signaled through the virtual world
The voice of order, of peace
A voice that makes me smile

Every day a thought drifts
An idea of being together finally
To hold hands, to sleep
Waking up side by side forever

When a friend is much more
The comfort and bond so strong
There with closed eyes, in dreams
The wish I have for a future

Winter so cold yet pure
Spring so full of fake romance
Summer is boiling, is free
Autumn however, is the most beautiful.
The freedom felt when life moves forward
The ecstasy felt from smiling friends
A day breaks without despair and sorrow
A night falls without any tears to follow

That feeling when you find a place to fit
That happiness you creates progression
When everything moves the way you want
When everything is coming together

Things aren’t perfect, but getting better
Things aren’t as I wish, but soon to come
All it takes it a little hope, a little faith
All it takes is the present to replace the past

Give life a smile, dance around to music
Give life a hug, tell someone you love them
Get out there and take life by the horns
Get out there, or stay inside, be happy

Life is what happens while you’re busy planning other things
By searing fire, I'm chastised
Flogging words
Flocking birds
Never show that it hurts

I'm carrion feed
One voice in lead
Tearing flesh, making me bleed
I forget my role
Swallowed whole
Tiptoe across a sea of seething coal
Let bygones be bygones
and push forward with a smile
Even when fake, it's preferred
Simply smile, bury the problems
Let others see an example
Be selfless, to keep harmony alive

Sadness is a sickness
An infectious disease to spread
Kill that plague, force the smile
Only when alone and no one sees
Can you be free to anger, to pain
Happiness is a blessing, albeit fake.


Lamii-Inkfeather's Profile Picture
Lamii Inkfeather
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a poet, and artist, my art though is nothing special, but I appreciate any attention given to it whatsoever, be it negative or positive.

I rarely draw these days, and mostly write, so that's what you can expect to find if you follow me.

Hope you enjoy.
There probably won't be a lot of poetry from my side over the next long amount of time.
My mind is currently occupied by school, and when free from that, I tend to set my brain to work on ideas and concept for a novel I'm planning on write at some point in the future.

Today, while taking a 3 km walk at 11 pm, I managed to finally come up with a name.

It's going to be called Andromorphism.
  • Mood: Approval
  • Listening to: Bonobo - Pieces

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lovely oc you have!
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Lamii-Inkfeather Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She's an amazing person, I wish I could talk more to her, since she's been quite absent lately, except for streaming.
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