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How would life pass, could we not count time?
free of haste and deadlines, free of unruly tempo
A life without schedule, following your own rhythm
No stress, no ticking clock, everything has its own pace
Ends and beginnings, things of another world

A chaotic serenade with mankind as instrument
The beautiful sound of individuality, playing forever
That tempest of discord and harmony, so full of peace
Imagine that, the freedom, serenity found in lack of order
Safety, security, comfort, warmth, love, calmness, content, dreamy, silence, stillness, serenity.

The soft embrace of darkness, with a soft spice of moonlight and starshine, a tickle of the orance carpet of a peeking sun, whispering to the moon to lull itself to sleep after a long night of silent comfort over the unity of dreaming lovers. A stillness only found when the world is holding its breath, letting the sleeping lay undisturbed from the daily hazzles of humanity and their struggles.
An astrological, almost spriritual blanket of calm, to soften the thoughts, dreams and hopes of those who find peace in the simple comfort of eachother's arms, of eachother's smile, of eachother's simple presence within their own path towards the end of their life.
How a simple thing such as emotional correspondance of perhaps illusionary hope of love towards eachother create a bond stronger than any, and a unwritten contract of undoubted trust from the hand of a loved one. For those we choose to love, are the people who will see our soul for all we are.
That is the true beauty of existing.
The freedom felt when life moves forward
The ecstasy felt from smiling friends
A day breaks without despair and sorrow
A night falls without any tears to follow

That feeling when you find a place to fit
That happiness you find progression
When everything moves the way you want
When everything is coming together

Things aren’t perfect, but getting better
Things aren’t as I wish, but soon to come
All it takes it a little hope, a little faith
All it takes is the present to replace the past

Give life a smile, dance around to music
Give life a hug, tell someone you love them
Get out there, or stay inside, be happy
Get out there and take life by the horns

Life is what happens while you’re busy planning other things
Just Don't Give Up
Life isn't perfect, nothing is. Perfection comes from realizing the imperfect can be beautiful.
Floating through a lightless void
The ring of silence in your ears
A body was given, a body is used
The soul is restless, forever seeking

We look down and fear the sight
Beliefs, ideas from older minds
Turn forward and work it through
Be the miracle you’re praying for

It’s a godless world, and full of us
Don’t stress yourself, just keep it up
You are more than what you think
So look around and help us shine

It’s a godless world with nought to fear,
You cannot fall, you will not burn
We all have good, we all have bad
We’re more than what the mirror shows
Feathered Wings and Pointy Tails
There's a god-shaped hole in all of us.
An empty hole.
Fill it out yourself.
Be the miracle you're waiting for.

Inspired mostly by "God-Shaped Hole" by Plumb, but since I'm an atheist I tuned it around to somewhat of my own philosophy :3


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Lamii Inkfeather
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a poet, and artist, my art though is nothing special, but I appreciate any attention given to it whatsoever, be it negative or positive.

I rarely draw these days, and mostly write, so that's what you can expect to find if you follow me.

Hope you enjoy.
There probably won't be a lot of poetry from my side over the next long amount of time.
My mind is currently occupied by school, and when free from that, I tend to set my brain to work on ideas and concept for a novel I'm planning on write at some point in the future.

Today, while taking a 3 km walk at 11 pm, I managed to finally come up with a name.

It's going to be called Andromorphism.
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